Warriors Superfan Digital Video
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Pecan, aka “The Nut” loves his Warriors, and it is adorable! 
Life is good when you get to show off your Warriors pride while ringing a bell for treats!
This handsome, photogenic, treat driven cat purred his way into Michelle Vaccaro’s heart  from Animal Friends Rescue in Carmel Valley.
“I’ve been taking photos of Pecan since I first adopted him, so he is very used to the camera. It started out by trying a punk rock Halloween costume on him and discovering he didn't mind it at all.” she said. “He also associates the camera with treats, so that helps with his focus. I think he has been photogenic from the very start."
This stylish, Bay Area celebrity cat loves to pose for photos in exchange for treats. His game day ritual is a grueling regimen of naps, eating, more napping and posing for photos.  Just look at that 'Game Face’!
It all started with Michelle  training her cats to raise their paws when they wanted a treat.  "When the treat bag comes out those paws go up and from there I introduced the bell to Pecan.  I pressed his paw on the bell and then gave him a treat. After about a week of training, he learned the trick and his been ringing the bell for treats ever since.”  
Just like the Warriors, these cats are passionate about giving back to the community. For the past six years Michelle has been creating a calendar featuring the dapper tabby to raise money for local, non-profit kitty organizations. 100% of the calendar proceeds are donated to Toni's Kitty Rescue of SF and the Humane Society, Silicon Valley. Check out the 2018 calendar “Serving Up Pecan" www.etsy.com/shop/pecanthenut.
Michelle, Pecan and his cat brother Stu are living’ it up in the Silicon Valley but you can follow them wherever you go. 

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